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Visit Mr White and you'll be stepping into a grand Southern home, complete with a dining room, parlor bar and open kitchen. Your hosts for the evening will be the Whites themselves i.e. owners and operators, Jeffrey White and Kelly Rheel, two New York City service industry veterans.

Born in Lexington Kentucky, Jeffrey White moved to New York City from Alexandria, Virginia on June 28th, 1997. That night he met Kelly Rheel where she was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar, Polyesther’s in the West Village. Over the next twenty years, the pair ran the gamut of New York City nightlife positions, doing everything from serving to bartending to DJing. Jeff and Kelly have owned one restaurant together previously in Williamsburg. Mr White is their dream project.

Mr White serves a full menu of Southern All Stars with a focus on NOLA style dishes, particularly our signature delicacy: the char-grilled oyster. As important as the food however, is our Southern Hospitality. A good day at Mr White is one where you feel welcome and well fed. 

Come see us on St. Marks and make our home your own!