Free Real Estate Brochure Templates

If you’re looking for free templates for real estate brochures, here are a few you can use. I recommend Canva, FlipHTML5, and ProspectsPLUS! Both let you personalize your brochures. They are professionally printed. A free real-estate brochure template is available for download. It’s not hard to imagine someone wanting to advertise their property.


A real estate brochure can help impress vendors, potential partners, and prospects with its clean design and large images. It can be made single-sided, or double-sided, depending on what type of property it is. Multi-page templates can be used to show properties, listing photos, or bullet lists of features. You can also include your agent’s headshot and company information. The best part is that it’s free! Just use Canva’s free graphic design editing tools to customize your brochure to meet your business needs.

Once you’ve decided to use Canva’s real estate brochure template, you’re ready to add stunning images to your project. You can upload your photos or import them from your computer. You can use Canva’s photo editor to crop and adjust unwanted elements, such as backgrounds and colors. You can also include multiple photographs in a grid, to highlight different areas. Your brochure is now ready for printing and delivery.


FlipHTML5 digital real estate brochure is interactive and digital. It combines multimedia content, design excellence, and ease-of use. It provides unlimited online reach, efficiency in property selling, and unlimited online reach. The software offers many features, including annotation, media files, team collaboration, online publishing, and team collaboration. Your brochure will link to your website, increasing your online presence and sales. You can personalize the brochure with the help a variety of templates or design options.

This clean and creative real estate brochure template will work well for any type company. The template comes with three color-themed designs that are suitable for any real estate project. It is easy to modify and customize with images and text. The template also includes a print-ready CMYK1 PSD file and 300 dpi resolution. You can also customize the brochure by adding images or text.

Canva’s free graphics design editing tools

Canva’s graphic design editing tools are free for marketing and real estate professionals. Canva is easy to use. You can choose from pre-made designs or upload your own content. You can also create custom dimensions to fit different types of real-estate marketing materials, such as door hangers. The typical dimensions for these kinds of materials are 4.25 x 11 inches and 3.5 x 8.5 inches. If you prefer, you can also enter metric measurements on the site.

In addition to providing free graphic design editing tools for real estate brochures, Canva also helps you empower your marketing team and agents. Canva has built-in commenting features and approval workflows, which make it easy to collaborate with team members. Canva can be added to your agent’s toolkit. This allows you to access it from anywhere. Canva offers a free tool that will allow you to create the real-estate brochure of your dreams, regardless of how advanced or simple your project is.


ProspectsPLUS! is a testament to its success! It is a testament the creativity of its real estate marketing professionals. Their products were developed over years of experience and honed skills. ProspectsPLUS was established in November 2015. Named a Business Partner by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The goal was to raise $50,000 annually for St. Jude’s children. ProspectsPLUS! Inc. 5000 ranked ProspectsPLUS among the top privately-held companies in North America. In 2015, the company generated almost $8 million in revenues.

For real estate agents, ProspectsPLUS! ProspectsPLUS provides customized real estate marketing templates. It allows you to build targeted mailing lists, automate mailers, and support business development efforts. Users can upload, edit and update their mailing list information. The mailing lists are sent to verified residents within one business day. Full tracking is available. ProspectsPLUS! More than 60,000 real estate agents across the country have used ProspectsPLUS! You can ask questions and get answers via live chat.